Monday, May 29, 2006

Yet more Spam

Ahhh, I love random word generators


quartz-diorite surf-beaten cringle-crangle
knee-braced pressure blower sunny-haired
self-sown dog camomile fate-foretelling
sand wasp state-ruling sample roll
long-journey half-great joint grass
stocking knitter tat-tat anchor link
Pro-aristotelian eel fork twice-invented
parcel-post stamp medicine lodge red-light district


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Spam! Wonderful glorious SPAM!

Well, it started like a normal spam message...


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short-headed chicken-brained service company wool clip half-shy
anvil chisel near-coming
board rule coyote weed rash-headed business pass fern seed infra-axillary
tea family barberry family bass flute alpha-truxilline chain gang
well-sufficing tress-shorn tissue-secreting
cat haw feather-tongue El-lil
case furniture ipse dixit paint primer satin walnut Scotland yard
type theory wing power


"satin walnut Scotland yard," eh?

I had no idea...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Or not...

As you can see, these photos were taken on the 26th, a mere 12 days ago, when I went for a walk in the park to the south of us, nestled in the foothills. It was a georgeous spring day, and tue weather continued like this- sunny, cloudless, warm- all the way till the first of May, when the weather decided that his had been too easy on us, and had to show us uppity Coloradoans who is boss. Any rate, it is currently 45 degrees out (it was as low as 35 at 10:00 this morning), cloudy, and has been raining on and off since Wednesday. "Earl Grey weather" as my dear english friend put it.

Not that any of you really care about the weather here, but Just sayin'.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Harry Potter, etc

Here's an interesting page: a very well-thought-out essay detailing why the author believes that Dumbledore is still alive and Snape never really went back to Voldemort.

Dumbledore Vivens, Snapeque Bonamicus

Scroll down past the links to where you see the spoiler warning; the essay starts below that. It takes a little while to read, but it's worth it.

I do enjoy the Lexicon. Does anyone have any idea when the next book is coming out?


Two more links, one funny and one awesome beyond belief.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Skiing Pix

From top to bottom:

Looking up the Imperial Superchair from the bottom

Poppy, who decided that the car would be a great place for a nap

A four-foot long icicle

Looking up to the top of Peak 8, just above the Imperial Superchair

Looking West from the top of Imperial

The highest lift in North America

A panoramic view from the top of the lift

The halfpipe on peak 8

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Skiing, etc.

Went skiing up at Breckinridge on Sunday. It was horribly windy, but fun, anyway.

Drove up to Glenwood on Tuesday, stopping at Beaver Creek. It was a great resort, but blue runs were few and far between. I Like it better than Vail, anyway. On Tuesday evening, we swam at Glenwood Hot Springs- Possibly the biggest hotsprings pool in the US, or maybe the world. I'm still too chicken to actually dive of the diving board anyway.
Skied at Breck on the way home yesterday. Ahh.. A nice break.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I'm probably going to regret this, but too bad.

And here's another one, to make up for it


Hey, I'm back. The yeti didn't get me, but the bouncy, plasticized liver did...

On Wednesday, we drove off to Denver to see the new exibit at the natural history museum- Bodyworlds! It was so cool, somewhere between science and art. Bodyworlds is a traveling exhibit of plastinated bodies and organs, created by german artist Gunther von Hagans. Some of the coolest displays:

"Muscleman"- A man who is all muscles, standing in front of his own skeleton, as though the muscles had just steppped away from the bones for a moment. (see picture)

"The X-lady"- A woman standing with her legs crossed (hence the x) and her face flayed open so that you could see all the different layers.

"The Diver"- A woman in mid-spring, but her torso was split into 3 parts: the part going forward, the organs in the middle, and a part going backwards.

"Drawer Man"- A man with parts of his body pulled out like drawers, holding a pice of his own skin away from his body.

"Ice Skaters"- A pair of ice skaters in the middle of a complex dance move, flayed to the muscles, to show the differences and similarities between a woman and a man.

"The Angel"- A woman whose back muscles had been pulled up so that they resembled wings and whose heels had been molded into stilletos.

"The Ponderer"- A man sitting bent over so that the spinal cord can be seen, and most of the muscles pulled out so that most of the nerves are visible. (see picture)

"Soccer Player"- A man in mid-kick, with his foot at eye hight, and a soccer ball balanced on his (skinless) foot. (see picture)

All of the full body displays were not encased in glass, so that you could come within milimeters of them, and walk all around them and see them from every angle. This was awesome beyond belief; If it ever comes to your city, go see it!